Alex kornhuber

Born and raised in Lima, Alex became interested in photography during his university studies at Ohio University in the United States where he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts.

In 1998 Alex left Peru to pursue a career as a freelance photojournalist, spending two years covering the war in Kosovo before relocating to Zurich, Switzerland.  In Zurich, Alex covered stories in Latin America, Africa and Switzerland for newspapers and magazines such as Du, Tages Anzeiger Magazine and Spiegel. He also photographed a project on diverse Latino groups that was exhibited in Zurich, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

In 2004 Alex returned to Lima and began exploring the beauty of Peru most notably “Faces of Peru,” a lyrical document of the country’s people and photographed the culture of Pisco, Peru’s famous grape brandy. Alex is one of the founders of Hidden Planet Expeditions and is a photography expert/coach on many of the trips.

Alex is fluent in Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese.