A Oaxacan Suite: Made with an iPhone

About a year ago I went to Oaxaca with a group of students from the Ross School on Long Island. I was a photo coach/teacher along with the world renowned photographer Ron Haviv (who will be leading future trips for HPE!). We were offering the students advice, editing their work and helping them see Oaxaca in new ways. The whole region is amazing for travel photography: great faces, landscapes, colors and celebrations. Smart phones have turned everyone into a photographer and we wanted to stress to them that you can make wonderful photographs with an iPhone or similar device. All of the above photos (scroll through them!) were made with an iPhone 5s. The new generation offer far superior quality as do the Galaxy phones.

It's so convenient to make photographs with them! And the quality is getting better with every upgrade. In addition you don't have to carry around heavy equipment or fuss with changing lenses. Though, they do have their limitations when it comes to varying your perspective, compressing your foreground, background, etc.. We will talk a lot about pushing the limits with phone photography for those that prefer that on our photographic expeditions.

Photos and post by Michael Robinson Chávez