"I observed Michael's workshop in Sydney, last May (as part of Head On Photo Festival).
He is an inspiring, creative, co-operative and engaging tutor, as well as a truly magnificent photographer.
If you want to learn about photography, people, places and have a fab time then you're in the right hands. I can't think of a better expedition leader. Top guy - 10/10 :)"

Lauran Vohmann, Head On Photo Festival, Bronte Beach, Australia


"I had the pleasure of working with Michael in Tijuana and Oaxaca, which was an incredibly rewarding and ultimately unforgettable experience. Michael is as talented and knowledgeable as he is charismatic and affable--which makes him a great travel companion and an insightful photography critic. His understanding of Latin American culture combined with his natural photographic skill made the trip truly special, and under his guidance I was given the opportunity to discover more about the world, my camera, and myself. I hope that more people will get a chance to have as exciting and educational a trip as I did!"

Nikki Betuel, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island


"Working with Alex and Michael is a great time. Not only are they extraordinary photographers with so much to teach from their extensive experience and storytelling skills, but they are truly fun to be around. They have so many nifty travel and photo tips to offer, it's really an invaluable experience you will never forget. Can't wait to work with them again!"

Brenda Bravo, photographer, Lake Elsinore, California


"I have traveled with Michael on several photo workshops around the globe. From mountaintop villages in the Himalayas to the poshest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, he was a natural leader with a great attitude. I knew his photographic work from the awards he has garnered over the years but I was most impressed by his ability to simultaneously teach and have fun. If you want to learn the craft of photography while having a great time in a beautiful location, I can't recommend his expeditions highly enough. Also--he always knows where to find the best food!"

Kirsten Luce, photojournalist, Brooklyn, New York


The highlands of Peru, or the Andes, in addition to the usual marvels like Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in Cuzco, has many Inca and pre-Inca wonders, without the crowds of people as in Mexico,  and Alex knows precisely where those places are, how to get there while enjoying good transportation, good hotels and wonder at the dignified native culture which prevailed over the Spanish colonialism.  Peru is rich in history, culture, geography and cuisine and there is no one in Peru who knows its places like Alex Kornhuber.

Henry Lipschutz, New York


"I had the opportunity to learn from Michael in a workshop held in Mexico City. As an admirer of his photographic work I found the experience highly valuable. Michael was a devoted and enthusiastic teacher who guided me through the creative process to create my own photo story.  Apart from Michael's extensive knowledge and passion about photography his charismatic and fun loving attitude made the workshop a time I will cherish forever. Looking forward to the next one!"

Natalie Grono, photographer, Byron Bay, Australia


Foundry Photojournalism Workshop (Chiang Mai, Thailand - July 2012) allowed the participants to choose their mentor, Michael Robinson Chávez was an obvious choice. My experience working under his guidance:
a) Very approachable and made the participants comfortable right from the day one.
b) Assessing each student's strengths and weaknesses, he worked closely with each one to help them develop an engaging photo essay.
c) Very frank and honest especially during the portfolio reviews - this helped a lot to understand where one stood!
d) Despite of being an experienced and award wining photographer, very humble and down to earth human being.
A best mentor and my 'Guru'!

Shekhar Sidhaye, photographer, Mumbai, India